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Teaching is like a trip to the amusement park…

There are some things that will make you smile. There are some things that will make you scream. You will probably spend too much money.

And when you get home you will be exhausted… but you will always remember fondly the fun you had.

NoodleNook.Net is a compilation of resources, teaching strategies, and activities to use as a guidebook of sorts so you can plan your trip. In this little nook imagination can be sparked, ideas hatched, and inspiration discussed.

The Noodler

I started teaching in 2005 at an inner city school where my only directions before the door closed on the classroom my first day was “Don’t let them out.” As a special education teacher, I have taught with the self-contained model, the resource model, the co-teach model, the in-class support model, and the traditional teaching model with general, special, and exceptional students. With that said, I believe all educators have an opportunity to change the lives of children every day.

I currently coach teachers working with high school students who have severe and profound disabilities just outside Houston, Texas. I participate in several conferences throughout the year guiding teachers, administrators, para-educators, and parents on how to work with low-incidence disability students. I am a wife, mother of four, and avid learner.

Professional Development from NoodleNook

I conduct professional development for teachers throughout Texas on topics like:
NEW Adapting NOVELS for Students with Significant Disabilities
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  • Literacy for Low-Incidence Disability Students
  • Math for Students with Significant Disabilities
  • Community Based Instruction for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Lesson Planning and Work Activities for Secondary LIFE Skills Classrooms
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I can also be contracted to create adapted materials tailored to a school districts needs (like the resources found here: Adapted Books). To get more information, quotes, or to schedule a training session, please email me at ajones@noodlenook.net.