Teaching LIFE Skills and looking for a communication tool for students and staff? Try a communication necklace!


A few years ago I was partnered with an aide who had not yet mastered wait time. She would make a request of a student, pause for just a moment, and then quickly repeat herself… and then repeat the cycle over and over again until it turned into a constant auditory irritation. I had to shut her up! Voila- a visual and portable communication system: The Communication Necklace!

Communication Necklace on NoodleNookNet

It turns out using this Communication Necklace actually really helped the students too- they could process the request better with the picture present, and they could also better engage with the adult because they were not trying to block out all the extra sensory information! I was also pleased to find out the entire classroom was a lot quieter and calmer, and the aide later told me that it helped her too.

Communication Necklace Icons-NoodleNookNet

After a while, it occurred to me that some students may want to wear them to help communicate with the teacher and a few of my students used this as their mobile communication system. If you have not read my previous posts on modes of communication for LIFE Skills students, please know that teaching a student to communicate with others greatly improves their quality of life over their lifetimes. It is so critically important.


Try this in the classroom and see if you have any success! Click here for the free version. If you like it, click here to get the full version and customize it for your students (and staff)!


Communication Necklace-NoodleNookNet

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  1. Jeri Belava

    At first I wasn’t sure if I would like something like this, but it was actually very helpful.

    Thanks for making it!

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