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Google Fonts for Instructional Design

What google font combinations should you use?

google-font-combinations-1Designing on the Google Platform? There are tons of great fonts out there for you to choose from, but getting the groove of compatible fonts takes a little tinkering.


Well, let me save you a little leg work and offer you some compatible fonts that work together. There are a lot of fonts that are available when you work with the Google Suite of apps and figuring out how to put them together can be a interesting experiment and fun past time, but you probably have better things to do (like sleep and pee). Looking online, there are a lot of font combos, but several of them are no longer available. The ones that are listed here are available as of May 2016. Google is constantly adding (and removing) fonts, so try playing around if you search and the combos listed below are no longer available. More importantly, be sure to experiment with the bold, italic, and regular versions of the fonts.

As you go forth and design, remember to try these great font combos:

Lobster – Baskerville

Dancing Script – EB Garamond CAPS

Raleway – Raleway

(Yeah, sometimes a font works well with itself!)

Grand Hotel – Lato Regular

Poiret One – Josefin Sans

Use this visual as a guide and design on!

google-font-combinationsAre you interested in great materials for students with disabilities? Be sure to subscribe today, and before you leave check out the Adapted Books, Pinterest Page, and TPT store for more great resources.

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