Multi-Level Money Math Activity-

Multi-Level Money Math

Multi-Leveled Money Math Activity for LIFE Skills- Great Resource!

Anyone who has ever worked with me or had me in their classroom knows I believe in making materials that I can use a bunch of different ways. It is not unusual for me to make a set of materials for a specific subject and level and use it all year long with multiple students at multiple levels. I don’t want to suck up my time making more and more materials when I can be spending my time working with my students, at home with my family, or doing things that I actually like (read, sleep, pee).


Recently I had to take over a high school math class and needed some materials that I’d be able to use with low to high students as well as on several different goals (like basic computation, identification of money and using money to pay, and complex calculations with percentages). I made this and was able to use it over and over since the combinations of amounts were rarely the same, and the repetition of task really helped to make it all stick.

Multi-Leveled Money Math Activity for LIFE Skills- Great Resource!

Click the image to see the activity in the TPT store.

I printed the file, laminated the tags and cut them out, and then put the worksheets in reusable dry-erase sleeves. I loved this activity… and I know you will too. Think of all the different options!

* Identifying the tag (in a group of 2, 3 or 4) that costs the most/least.

* Choosing a tag and paying for it with the one-up method and with exact change.

* Adding multiple tags together.

* Adding multiple tags together and calculating a percentage off.

* Adding multiple tags together and calculating the tax.

* Using single or adding multiple tags together and paying for those items with exact change and one-up.

* Choosing items within a budget (like less than $5.00 or $15.00) using estimation.


And, believe me, there is more. I know you feel the same way I do… our time is so valuable. Anything that can help us get more of it is priceless. Try this and see how much it helps- the free version is great, or download the full version now!

Pin-Spiration on Pinterest via NoodleNook.Net

On Another Note

UPDATED: 2016: I recently came across this picture on Pinterest and it begged to be expanded on. I thought I could add a quick blurb on how to use this in a LIFE Skills math class during an activity. These pill containers can be picked up at the Dollar Tree for an activity that doesn’t kill the pocket book.

Some Activities:

  • During 1:1 correspondence instruction, students can add the appropriate number of manipulatives to each compartment.
  • For students who do better with kinaesthetic learning, have them close the top of each compartment as they count. It’s a great number line!
  • During multiplication instruction, students can use this to better understand arrays.
  • Students can use this to package items from an order card for Vocational assignments (ie: 4 green, 2 blue, 1 white to fill an order). This way they do not have to be able to count.

What ideas do you have for this manipulative? Add in the comments.

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