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Perfect for Students with Autism and Early Elem!

Over the last month, NoodleNook has added lots of new products to our TeachersPayTeachers store… and we want to share those things with you all in one place!

New in Monthly Themed Units


What! Everything already ready already? Don’t have the money to subscribe to expensive services like News2You but still want monthly units that will support students who are at different levels in math, English, and writing? This is it! Check out these units and we know you will love them. And stay tuned for Monthly Units to get you through the rest of the school year!


New In Math

These activities are perfect for Math Centers or Work Systems in Autism Units. Remember, students working in Algebra and Money Math will need some strong prerequisite skills, and these are great for that. They also build a student’s ability to do independent work while making sure academics do not get sacrificed. These tasks are printable and ready to go!


New in Social Studies/Citizenship

It is hard in secondary classroom to find tasks that build basic skills and that are age appropriate! Both these activities are able to support students in building basic skills about community helpers and safety/community signs but use very mature and appealing icons that will not baby older students. Check out the preview files to see the quality of the activities.

New in Transition Tasks

Vocational skills are a must for students as they prepare for their post-secondary. They also need to have solid money skills to be ready for living independently. These activities are perfect to prep for transition! Menu Math and Grocery Store Flyer Math are perfect ways to build personal finance skills. And the 20 Work Task Boxes will fit right in to your vocational training activities with multiple levels to meet the needs of your students. Check on the preview now!

Meaningful Materials for Students with Disabilities!

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