Summer is here!

While I would like to be lying  around eating bonbons or napping my days away, I have three kids, a husband, and too many projects on my plate to be idle. Instead I thought I’d share what my noodle has been working on for much of this month. MH900444868

Starting in the first week in August (whoever said teachers had three months in the summer was terribly misled) I start training teachers on a litany of topics, one of which is SMART Technology in the PMLD classroom. Preparing is half the battle of any training, and my project proposal and formal to-do list (called a WBS or Work Breakdown Structure) are attached. This may help those of you who are interested in instructional design/project management to see the process in action.

SMART Project Proposal-Jones

Now back into the nook I go so that I can noodle around with some new ideas!


All Images Courtesy of Microsoft


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