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Professional Development that Your Team Will Love from NoodleNook... Book Today!

Professional Development  should be interactive, engaging, and relevant to a teacher. That’s what we strive to provide. We want you to leave armed with effective strategies, adapted materials, and an implementation plan to make it all work for you and your students. Here is a sample of the Professional Development available:

Do you have students in your Autism Unit, Resource Setting, or Adaptive Behavior Unit who are academically higher and need more rigor but are not able to manage the General Education Curriculum?

Or maybe you are in a LIFE Skills classroom and understand all students deserve access to great literature and are looking for a way to make the greats accessible.

This is the perfect training for you!

Adapting Novels attracts teachers, SLPs, Campus Administrators, and Curriculum Coordinators who understand the value of great teaching materials. In this training, you leave with half a dozen concrete templates to work from, a better understanding of how and why to adapt novels, and hands on practice built in throughout.

What attendees have said:

“I just left your training at Region 4 and I have to tell you I’m super excited to get back to my school and share what I learned. I loved how you broke everything down and let us all walk through each step with the templates and the books of our choosing- I am a bit behind the tech curve so I appreciated all your extra help. Also, having all the templates and the checklist took the guess work out of it all. Anyway, thank you so much!”  

-Jill Y. from Katy, Texas

For so long math for students with significant disabilities has revolved around telling time and sorting coins. With the changes in Federal Law and the mandate to teach every student to the standards, we have to up our game. Our students are supposed to be learning Algebra- how do we make that happen?

This hands on training sets you up for success!

Throughout this training, you are prompted to make activities and test out strategies with your students and their needs in mind. There are also tons of samples to see and role playing too. This training goes way beyond time and money, but there are strategies for those skills too. No matter the level of student you’re working with, your Math game will be on fire!

What attendees have said:

“Wow! I never thought to do some of the things that you talked about in your training with my students, but after sitting through the class and then taking all the games and activities we made back to my room, I had to try them with my kiddos to see what happened. The LOVED it- even kids that don’t like math or needed a lot of support. Everything we problem solved for my students worked. It has made a world of difference. Thanks.”

– Steven H. from Pittsburg, Texas

Do you ever sit through trainings and leave with a lot of great information that you can’t use in your Special Needs classroom?

This is not that training.

Literacy for Students with Low-Incidence Disabilities like Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy deserve great first time English instruction, but with so many different ability levels, levels of support, and individual goals it can be  hard to put it all together. In this training you will get strategies and activities to guide students from the pre-emergent level to the conventional level through all the pillars of reading outlined by the National Reading Panel.

Several strategies are demonstrated with video from actual classrooms and multiple activities are practiced in the session.  We also plan on scheduling in your classroom so you can meet all the different needs of your students. When you leave this training, you are equipped to succeed in reading and literacy instruction!

What attendees have said:

“The parents of my students are really concerned about them making gains in reading. I was a little freaked out. After this training I feel so much better. I never really understood how to teach reading much less how to teach reading to the students in my class- I came from alternative certification and this is my first year in the classroom. Now I understand how the pillars work and how to help my students actually make gains.”

-Kayti S. from Houston, Texas

Building a relationship focused on student success when two people find themselves thrown in a classroom together can be a challenge.

Weather your team is made up of seasoned vets or spanking new paraeducators, everyone can benefit from this training. It covers characteristics and strategies for students with the most common disabilities present in self-contained classrooms, it covers data collection as well as prompts and cues, and it covers classroom expectations for teachers and paras.

Note: This training has been presented to teachers alone, paras alone, and teachers & paras together- It always gets rave reviews! No matter where you are starting from, your team will be stronger and more effective after this training.

In addition to full day trainings, there are several half day and breakout sessions available too including:

  • Instructional Strategies for Students with Low Incidence Disabilities
  • Get Control: A Step by Step Guide to Managing Behaviors
  • Data Collection with Google Forms
  • Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Books
  • Strategies for Reading Books and Adapted Novels
  • Levels of Support and Effective Data Collection
  • Core Vocabulary, Core Boards, and Response Modes
  • Writing and Implementing Effective Behavior Intervention Plans

And specific topics can be created by request, just ask!

I have experience presenting at the campus, district, collegiate, and statewide level and consistently receive positive feedback from both teachers and administrators who walk away better equipped to handle the challenges a special needs classroom can present.

I can also be contracted to create adapted materials tailored to a school districts needs (like the resources found here: Adapted Books). To get more information, quotes, or to schedule a training session, please email me at ajones@noodlenook.net or send a message below.