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There are a lot of great resources out there for teachers, but not as many great resources that can be used (without any tweaking) in a LIFE Skills classroom.


Always out to work smarter, not harder? Check out all the great activities, adapted books, and printable guides in the NoodleNook Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

Great resources for LIFE Skills at Teachers Pay Teachers- NoodleNook!

You will love these excellent products- specially created for a LIFE Skills classroom!

ADAPTED NOVELS- Literacy for Students with Significant Disabilities



 AND DIY Task Boxes with Directions

Monthly Units for English, Math and Writing including Task Cards, Visuals, and Worksheets!


Social Stories to target Social Skills and Behavior- each with a Comprehension Activity!

See More Social Stories HERE>>

Classroom Materials to Support You & Your Students. Total Must Haves!


Adapted Books for Early Elementary, Early Emergent Readers, and LIFE Skills.  SEE MORE>>>

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Token Economy in LIFE Skills- What Are YOU Working For? www.NoodleNook.Net
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