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Wrapping Up the School Year

It’s the end of the school year and, let’s face it, we are all tired. The countdowns have been on for the better part of a month (some longer), but before the year ends there are a few things you can do to make this time meaningful.

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Teacher Reflection

Sometimes we get all caught up in the packing, moving, grading, and bustle of the end of the year procedures… we forget that we have changed student lives in the past 185-ish days. We have learned many things about how we teach, what works and what doesn’t work, and where we there is room to grow.


I think taking a few minutes to jot down a couple of notes about what the last year has been like for us as educators can be really helpful. There is a FREE Reflection Sheet that will let you write some notes to yourself. This can be really helpful to start planning for the fall (and you know you will start all that up again in a few weeks after the exhaustion wears off).


Try it- even if you don’t write answers in every box, it’s a great way to get you thinking about honing your craft.



Student Reflection

Teachers aren’t the only ones that need time to reflect. Students often benefit from looking back on the year to see their own progress, hold on to memories, and process how they have grown.


I love this ABCs of This Year activity- and letting the students write, draw, or just jot notes to help them think of all the things they have done over the last school year. Totally love it!

the-abcs-of-this-yearStudent Letter to New Teacher

Letter writing is a great task that still pulls an academic activity into the end of year slide. Students can write a letter to their new teacher, to you as a goodbye, to their parents to tell them about their year, or to any campus staff! The point is they are writing (which can include drafting, editing, and rewriting). Get a free letter writing template here.


Replacing Needed Materials

We use the heck out of some things… but the things we need starting day one- like communication materials, behavior charts, token economies, or visuals need to be ready right from the get go. Today, right now, before you pack up any stuff, you can lay hands on what you need to replace some necessary items. Don’t procrastinate. Reprint that stuff now. Or save it all on a flash drive so on the first day back you can print it without having to look for it. Getting it all organized now will save you the pain in August!


Planning for the First Day Back

Since you already have that drive out and some juices flowing, why not get the files you need for the first day back all ready? It can always be your Pinterest Summer Professional Development (*wink *wink), so check out the Classroom Organization page on NoodleNook’s Pinterest Page– I’ll be posting all summer with back to school goodies.

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Wrapping Up the School Year Right

Sometimes I wish we had school all year long (just to save me from the packing-unpacking process)… I know.

I can hear you shaming me from here.

When we all became teachers, we looked to this summer months (more like weeks) as a time we would always have for us, for our families, and for our passions. As you pack up and head home for the summer, remember those things and take the time from the classroom to really recharge, rest, and refresh. Connect with the things and people you love- you, most certainly, have earned it!


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